Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's no place like home

My folks came down to visit for the Easter holidays and we had a really nice time. We were able to enjoy ourselves without the stress that comes along with going ANYWHERE with a toddler. These past few months, we've come to realize that home is the best place to spend our weekends, being that we have a 2 year old at the present time. I’m sure everyone who has a toddler will agree with me on this one. Lately, it's been difficult to visit friends, go to a restaurant, or go to any festivals without having to chase down our toddler and constantly correct him not to touch the 'breakables' (everything basically) and to stay put.
So, coincidentally, we hang out with whomever is willing to and wherever it’s tolerated. This weekend we celebrated with the grandparents, three dogs, a nice bottle of wine on Friday, a refreshing pitcher of Sangria on Saturday and bubbly mimosas on Sunday. We played music and hung out on our back patio all day long. Our featured chefs were the incredible husband, who cooked awesome paella for a Saturday dinner special, and the one and only Mom, who cooked kickass huevos rancheros for Sunday brunch. We danced, sang, and drank all weekend long without having to run around after our toddler like a distressed nut case.

We are looking forward to this weekends French Quarter festival. But I can tell you this, I will have my entourage with me (volunteers are welcomed) to help keep an eye on my toddler and to help me feel remotely at ease about having a good time.