Thursday, October 22, 2015

Suburbia meets Country

A short hour drive northwest of Lafayette is a small town called Iota. There we visited a retired couple (friends of my sister and her boyfriend) who own 20 something acres of land and built their quaint house in the middle of endless pine trees with a guest cottage and a barn. Talk about awesome! I never felt such at peace before. I could definitely see myself living here. Both our children had a blast! They rode a gentle horse named Jericho, got to drive a tractor, and played with the farm cat. My little one said he never wants to leave. Maybe one day we will have a chance to live like that. It's something we've thought about doing for a long time. We would need to dig deep (and I mean DEEP) into our past generations and sharpen our farming skills. Hey! It's the biggest trend right now! Living off the grid!