Wednesday, April 29, 2015

An eye infection is a serious matter.

I never thought it can happen to me, even though I wear contacts, AND there's an increased risk for those who do. The thought has always haunted me with great fear. A corneal ulcer can be devastating to the eye. You can go BLIND if left untreated. I am extremely apprehensive and I scrupulously wash my hands before putting in my contacts, and rarely sleep with them in. I replace my contact case every couple of weeks and soak the lenses in eye disinfecting solution every night. So how did this happen? WHY ME?!

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I racked my brain trying to figure out how and why. Is it an age thing? (There's nothing good about getting old) Could it be an immune deficiency? (It's only going to get worse) Am I drinking too much? (What am I suppose to do with my pastime?) Did I become careless somehow by washing my hands inadequately prior to inserting my contacts? (Having a visual of my kids wiping my ass) Was it the eyeshadow I wore? I didn't wash off my eye makeup and fell asleep with my contacts in that ONE particular night. I remember them feeling a bit dry and irritated when I awoke. (Gone are the days of feeling carefree) In the morning, I took out my contacts and wore my eyeglasses until they recouped. My eyes eventually felt better but never 100%. (Like I said there's nothing good about getting old) 

I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, and now, I'm suffering the consequences of my carelessness. Perhaps I should have heeded the signs and gone to see an optometrist before this could ever happen. For that, I'm faced with possible scarring and hopes that this clears up quickly with antibiotics prescribed by my doctor.  

Moving forward, I'm not taking any more chances. I threw out the eyeshadow I wore that night and the contacts. I also threw away the case. I have plans to revisit the optometrist in a week and hope for the best. And if and when this clears up, and my eyes feel dry and irritated again, I will see an eye doctor without hesitation. 

The moral of this story, never let your guard down or take things for granted, unless you want to pay the ultimate price by losing your eyesight.