Monday, April 20, 2009

The Jackie O's have done it again!

When we get together with our friends once in a "Blue Coyote Moon", the following morning we usually say to ourselves..."Oops! We've done it again!" But really without the Oops! We have SO MUCH FUN! Honestly, I think that it's by NO MEANS a mistake! The alcohol may have contributed just a little, but, basically, we're just happy people enjoying ourselves the best way we know how. And when you add BEST friends into the mix, we get CRAZY, SEXY AND BUCK WILD!

The picture below, we are enjoying a shot of "blowjobs" at Pat O' Brien's in New Orleans and we couldn't resist the classic French Quarter drunk pose scene, by hanging on the light post.

I would like to thank my folks for babysitting the kids on Friday and our husbands for being tolerant of our indecent unpropitious behavior. I'm sure they really didn't mind it at all, being that their thoughts were focused on getting home that night and getting lucky!

We had an awesome time at the 2009 French Quarter Festival! Now it's time for Festival International de Louisiane in downtown Lafayette! This festival is great for families! All of the stages are set up in close proximity from each other and there is plenty of shade, good food, fun people and awesome bands from all around the world! The best part is that it's free!