Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Chocolate!

Being that it's close to Easter and all, my 2 year old is becoming overly anxious about finding Easter eggs and chocolate treats all around our backyard. Try to explain to a toddler that Easter is not today, and you'll basically have a pretty pissed off little kid on your hands. And I'm not about to argue with him, it would be considered irrelevant.

I've been trying to schedule in a time each day to basically pick up dog mess from my backyard. Nevertheless, I haven't managed to do so. So of course there is more than enough shit out there to fill up a dump truck. I won't argue with my husband on that bit of information he shares with me every weekend.

Well, just a couple of days ago my little boy decides it's Easter Day on his clock, and he's going to find himself some Easter treats, is what I assumed. To my surprise it wasn't Easter candy that was on his mind. It was doggy doo doo! He wanted to help his Mommy pick up dog shit just in time for Easter Sunday! Or, he was mistaken and thought that the damn shit was Hershey's chocolate eggs! Totally understandable! Take a look for yourself!