Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dog Gone Grooming

Miraculously I was able to groom my 3 dogs, and low and behold my children did not have preschool that day. It's a wonder to me why I even pay for them to go. They either out because their sick or because of a fucking holiday that shouldn't even exist.

I decided that I wasn't going to be bothered by the fact that my kids were going to be in and out of the laundry room while I groomed. Nor would I be bothered by the fact that my dogs took a crap in there every night because of a stomach virus. I mopped the floors with bleach, but I still didn't feel that comfortable about them walking or crawling on them.

I'm going to mention that my toddler is obsessed with the blow dryer. Don't ask me why? I figured, what 2 year old isn't obsessed with anything that makes noise. I'm just glad that he's had this obsession for a while and now it's beginning to become "old news" to him. "Been there, done that." "Got my t-shirt." "Now let's move on."

I should also mention how long it takes a groomer to groom a well behaved, not so shabby dog on any given day without interruptions. Approximately 1 hour. So you do the math 3 dogs + 3 grooms.

This is how long it takes when you add the following to the equation:
1) groomer / mother / perfectionist.
2) 2 year old + 8 month old on a somewhat normal schedule
3) somewhat normal schedule: breakfast/bottle, playtime, 8mth nap, solids, snack, 2T nap, bottle, 8mth nap, lunch, playtime, bottle/snack, playtime, 8mth nap, dinner/solids.
4) crappy blow dryer (a groomers nightmare)
5) no lead to hold dogs in place (another groomers nightmare)
6) a toddler who is more than willing to help his mommy with the blow drying.

Add this to the equation and it will take a professional groomer approximately 6 hours of SO MUCH FUN! (emphasize sarcasm here)

I simply have to be thankful for having dogs who are extremely patient and forgiving. And also that they have the brains not to jump off the counter top in which I left them every few minutes so that I was able to tend to the children.