Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Band practice

Here are my boys practicing for their future band!
Based on the assumption that I will wake up one morning and find a written letter informing me that everything will be OK. And that they're taking a road trip with a few of their buddies to follow their so called dreams and start a band.

I just hope that the lyrics will be sensible, understandable and Simon would have given their vocals a well respected thumbs up. They most certainly will have completed high school, and hopefully given college a chance. They will have also reassured me that this is their calling and there is nothing else they would rather be doing right now but to play music.

Then, I will say to them: "If this is what you truly love and enjoy doing, then go!" "Go and make us proud!" "And if you get rich, don't forget who fed, bathed and wiped your asses on a daily basis, had to put up with your tantrums, and cared for you when you both were sick." "We have spent our entire savings for the two of you to go to college, so that you may respectfully join a fraternity to basically party, meet girls and drop out!" "So make sure to share a little of your wealth with us!" "We can use an extended long-awaited vacation somewhere far far away!" "We will greatly appreciate it!"