Friday, March 27, 2009

OKAY, I Get It!

Today is the first time that I truly feel far away from family, approximately 139.51 miles too-far-for-me away. I'm suffering from a severe sinus infection which I diagnosed myself since I wasn't able to make a doctors appointment, because I'm to busy bringing my 2 boys, whom are also sick, to their doctors appointments. My mucous is thick and green and I have severe pain all around my face. I literally feel like a 'Big Head'! It's actually been a month of on going sickness in this house. It's a never ending cycle! WILL IT EVER END? I wish I had my 'Mommy' close by to help me with chores around the house, mainly to cook and do laundry. I absolutely HATE laundry! Cooking is also a challenge for me right now since I have to come up with 2 completely different dishes. One for my husband and one for my picky toddler in which I try to cook something with some nutritional value and not just pop tarts, pancakes or cold cereal.

I really don't know how any mother does it. The first thing that comes to my mind is I wander how mothers who are missing limbs do it! That thought in itself makes me realize that I need to shut the fuck up and suck it up! But I need to vent for my sanity. Who else will listen to my moaning and groaning? My poor husband? He's already getting his share of it. I can't believe he hasn't cut me up into little bitty pieces, stick me in a garbage bag and send me off to China! I admit, I watch way to much Dateline.

In the end I thank God for my adorable, healthy babies, my limbs, and my father who took this great photograph of my 2 year old and sent it to me via email. It brings it all back into perspective. Why women want to become mothers and put up with all this shit! I can't ever imagine life without them!