Friday, March 20, 2009

The Jackie-O's

I thought of a great idea to whomever is interested. Let's organize a group called "The Jackie-O's"! Our group will consist of any female in between the ages of.... Oh screw the age, just be sure your old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. This doesn't mean you have to drink, it just means your of legal age to get into bars. If you can hang with the Jackie-O's, YOU'RE IN!

Here's the catch! You have to wear a wig! And I would like us to dress funky and sexy, not like a hoochie mama. Have a little class would you? Funky, as in bell bottoms or any other 60's-70's style clothing and sexy, as in whatever makes you feel like a million bucks. Don't forget the most important piece of accessory, your shoes. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. So keep that in mind.

These rules are not set in stone. As soon as we get a group started we can work out the details and agree on the dates and times. Now who's in? If you're interested, email me and let me know if it's a "blast from the past" or a "thing of the past" or if I've flown over the coo coos nest.

PS. This sounds like a lot of work! Forget the whole thing. Maybe when my toddlers aren't toddlers anymore and I'm not suffering from sleep deprivation, I'll bring it back to the surface.

desperately seeking a social life,
yours truly,