Friday, February 6, 2009


No one can imagine how hard it is until they have experienced it themselves. I mean, I really did not know how much of a sacrifice it would be, until I became a parent. Parents don't tell you every single detail, because they want you to experience it for yourself, OR they're trying to get back at you for what they had to put up with, with YOU.

Well, I'm here to tell you that being a parent, stay-at-home mom at that, is much harder than any other job I've ever had the pleasure of doing. I use to run my own business as a mobile pet groomer. It's a tough job, but nothing compared to staying at home with my 2 boys, whom are 18 months apart , it's like playing TAG and YOU"RE IT all the time. And when they are sick, think of yourself as pac-man getting terrorized by the little goblins ! Not only is it physically challenging, but also, mentally...ESPECIALLY for the mother. We worry constantly about their health, education, and livelihood.

And in the end, correction, THERE IS NO END! As I look down upon my beautiful baby smiling back at me, holding him in one arm and typing one-handed....I Love these little Goblins!