Friday, September 5, 2014


Wild animals in captivity are nothing but a tourist attraction purely owned by selfish money-hungry investors. We are learning nothing about an animal trapped in a cage. Zoologists cannot sustain their existence by studying their behaviours in a zoo. What we should be doing for the good of all is conserving what is left of their natural habitat. Start by not turning a blind-eye to the problems we are facing each and every day. Start conserving energy. Stop using paper for unnecessary propaganda. Stop using products that contain environmentally damaging ingredients. RECYCLE. Read and understand the ingredients we are about to put forth into our bodies. Think about where that precious souvenir came from before purchasing it. Stop OVER-fishing. Stop eating SO much freaking MEAT. Like our native ancestors, let us give thanks for our 'Catch of the Day' and savor the moment. The environment is damaged to a degree that is already irreversible. Sadly, it is the inevitable that some of these magnificent creatures will resolve into extinction. However, removing species from its ecosystem and sticking them in a conservatory/zoo is not the answer to our world's problems. We must acknowledge and change our ways of living to continue to evolve into better human-beings.