Friday, November 1, 2013

A Letter To Gia


Rest In Peace, My Sweet Gia.
 December 31, 2000 to November 1, 2013

Merely one look of that awry day, that moment when we must part

Yet it grew near, I felt dismayed. Do I have to face it one day?

That as I imagined,

It was the saddest days of my life.

I miss you dearly and wish so badly I had just one more chance.

I'd do things differently and spent more time for walks at the park

Coming home is not the same, my shadow no longer follows me.

 Although for now I must have faith and trust you are in a better place

Guarding over us from above with your invincible, fearsome bark

I can still hear them sometimes, echoing inside my head.

Courageous. Loyal. Honorable. Playful and loving.  

Just a few words to describe who you were.

A true friend, 

who will never be forgotten. 

Rest for now, my Sweet Gia,

Till we meet again.