Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can't believe it's Tofu!!!

This ice cream is so orgasmicly yummylicious! Sex is over-rated when you can indulge in something so sinful and feel so guilt free! The flavor of choice is called Vanilla Almond Bark. I can't believe it's dairy free! Nor could I believe that the product is made with tofu, even though the product is made by (Tofu-tti).

I highly recommend that you take the first bite when there is ABSOLUTELY no distractions! How is this possible, you ask? Especially, if you have kids? Give some to your children in an ice cream cone and place them in some sort of restraint system, like a high chair and buckle them in. I guarantee they will settle down with their first lick!

It will have you wondering why ice cream was ever made with dairy in the first place! And those bits of Almond Bark, I'm assuming is what they are, will have you jumping up and down as though you were a kid again! My kids didn't know what to think of me. They seem to want to say, " OK, Mom, it's only ice cream!" But to me it is more than ice cream! It is DAIRY FREE ice cream! I can actually eat as much as I want of this stuff and never get fat!