Monday, September 21, 2009

My name is Pokerfacemom, and I'm a Shopaholic

Lately, I haven't been able to feed my addiction that I obsessively crave, at least... hmmmmm... more than I should say. Wait a minute! I have a bit of telepathy going on right at this very moment! What's that honey? ("H-o-o-r-a-y! H-o-o-r-a-y!") That's great sweetie! I'm glad you're thrilled! As crazy as it sounds, I'm feeling pretty damn good about it also. It's nice to know that we'll be saving a few thousand dollars this year.

Luckily, for me that is, my cousin who has an online business on eBay, selling name-brand, hand-me-downs (Who has a multimillionaire friend connection), came over just in the nick-of-time, and saved me from the dreadful withdrawal syndrome I've been suffering from for these past few months! She came over with a bag FULL of designer name-brand jeans that, apparently, I never seem to have enough of! And to be open and honest about it, I wanted to purchase every single pair. Especially since I haven't been on a shopping spree for a very long time. It's just too hard to do with two sneaky toddlers. And these past few months I've been limited to Super Target. That's where I do most of my damage. I usually come back home with a bunch of unnecessary items, and most of the ones I have on my list, mysteriously works its way out of the cart. Pretty sneaky if you ask me. Anyway, it felt as though I truly had an addiction that was irrepressible. Seriously. If my cousin would have had an endless supply of the stuff, I might have been subjected to a rehab facility by possibly THE  HUSBAND.

Now, this is going to be a little difficult for me to do. I would want to keep this kind of information to myself, it would greatly increase the chances of me winning. But, since I've become a better person after having children, I will eagerly share it with all of you! If you like to check out my cousin's eBay store, just click on the link in this sentence. Take a look at what she has to offer and her great prices, which is basically a steal if you consider how much it would cost brand new at the store. Some of her stuff is BRAND NEW with tags! But I must warn you, they go pretty fast!


I think my real problem would've been if I did NOT splurge and buy these bad- ass True Religion Swarovski crystal jeans. I'd say to the husband, "I must have fallen off my rocker and bumped my head, to just go right ahead and trade me in for a newer model." And you might as well subject me into an INSANE ASYLUM while you're at it!

Apparently I made the right decision because ever since I made that purchase, I've been floating on cloud 9 and loving every minute of it! And I'm pretty sure the husband is loving it also. There it is again! What's that honey? ("F-r-o-m  b-i-t-c-h  t-o  s-w-e-e-t-h-e-a-r-t  r-i-g-h-t  o-v-e-r-n-i-g-h-t!") Thanks babe! I'll have to agree with you on that one! I am feeling pretty damn sweet! And SO SPANKIN' HOT, you can hear me sizzle!