Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 a.m. start time at Woodstock

I'm so AMAZINGLY relaxed about this move, that I might as well have Woodstock on the brain! We are moving to Houston because of a well-deserved promotion, and we only have a couple of months to fall in love with a house, purchase it, then move the entire family and our belongings into our new home. This is going to be very interesting to see how it play's out. Because particularly, when the going gets tough, the tough will back out at the last minute and blame it on the husband for disrupting her whole entire universe that she's VERY comfortable living in.

I know what you're thinking, "Give the poor bastard a fucking break!" "If it wasn't for him, we'd be living on the streets begging for food!" I'm not too convinced I would allow that to happen, but it's something I thought of. Personally, I would not appreciate going back to the hustle and bustle of back-breaking, labor-intensive pet grooming, then come back home coughing up hairballs, covered in bodily fluids, and be greeted by a couple of crying, needy children. I'd imagine that my kids would probably be starving and running around screaming in nothing but a diaper, like lawless children, because after work, I wouldn't have the energy to cook, nor do laundry for that matter, and much more less, discipline them for tearing up the house. I have a total new respect for working mothers, but better you than me.

And if it did happen, we might as well live on the streets! I don't see the difference between it, except for a little rain, some sunshine and a little bit of body odor. I'm thinking, garbage bags, sunblock and a some patchouli will assist in that. And maybe a conditioner for the dreadlocks hair we would develop for, not having the luxury of an occasional bath. I've always wanted to sport some dreads, though. Seriously! And, another consideration I had in mind is that my kids would not become spoiled little brats, because how could they? When there's not enough money to go around for food, much less an iphone, PC, or Xbox 360.

OK. Enough with the surreal life and back to the real world.

I thought of all different types of scenarios. So far, I rationalized that the best solution for our family is to keep moving forward. Whether it's across the  Pacific Ocean on a 24 hour sleeping pill or across the Atlantic Ocean where no one dares to explore, or visit for that matter. And forget about the plane ride! If this is the only way to travel the world with the family, then so be it.

I personally think it's very important for me to stay at home with my children, raise them appropriately and be full of energy while doing so. Especially, if we're moving them around like cargo to destination uncertainty. It's reassuring to know that there is one certain foundation in their lives. A Mother. A Wife. A Teacher. A Nurse. A Hair Stylist. A Chef......OKAY, maybe not a Chef. Someone who is capable and willing to care for her family and who knows in her heart that she is greatly appreciated. I just need to work on improving my ironing skills, put away the clothes, replenish the groceries and cook from time-to-time.

Till then, I'll keep fantasizing about my dreads and Woodstock!